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Universal lifters
for motorbikes and quad

Motorcycle lifts

Omcrop produces motorcycle lifts and proposes different type of lifters: wheel lifts mobile truck CAM-02, to move Quad or ATV inside your workshop with utmost security and minimum effort, or CAM-M12 model, mobile rear single-sided swing arm stand. The quality of our motorbike lifters is guaranteed: it is 100% made in Italy.

Motorcycle lifts

Motorcycle wheel lift: 100% made in Italy

Characteristics of our motorcycle lifters:

  • traditional wheel lift
  • mobile truck for moving the motorbike or quad once lifted
  • provided with forks and rubbers or accessoires for quad
  • third central wheel inserted in the truck.

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Omcrop leader in the production of wheel lifters

The motorcycle wheel lifts is available in the classic version too.

Cod. ACG = rubber accessories
Cod. ACF = forks
Cod. ACQ = accessories for quad

Utmost visibility and practicality.
Thanks to the third central wheel it is possible to move easily the motorbike backwards, forwards or laterally.

Motorcycle and quad wheel lifts

Motorcycle wheel lifters 100% made in Italy.

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