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Universal lifters
for motorbikes and quad

OMCROP S.r.l. since 1979

Leader in the production of universal lifts


Our products arise from direct experience and from experiences of professionals, mechanics and people passionate about motorbikes. They are built to answer these needs considering above all facility and immediacy when in use: a little effort is enough to obtain the maximum result.

Internal production

Since we are the producers we offer the possibility to adapt our articles to your specific needs. Whatever your problem is, we can examine it with you in order to find the most suitable solution. Capacity, dimensions, colours, materials, projects: every characteristic can be customized in our items.


All our articles are produced entirely in our factoryfrom our staff who has thirty-year-old experience in the sector. We select Italian materials of companies situated in our territory in order to assure the maximum quality. Reliability is assured by testing every single article.