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Universal lifters
for motorbikes and quad

Motorcycle lift table

Omcrop produces and assembles motorcycle workbenches: it proposes itself on the markets and today the company has a wide range of products. Every article is realized and planned in the factory. Every single article is 100% made in Italy. We guarantee the availability because we produce the entire article.

Universal lifters for moto

Motorcycle workbench: 100% made in Italy

We have three different type of motorcycle lift table:

Motorcycle lift UK

2° Motorcycle worbench

  • Length :cm 200
  • Width: cm 60
  • Minimum height: cm 16
  • Maximum height: cm 100
  • Capacity: 300 kgs

  • 3° Motorcycle worbench heavy

    • Length :cm 200
    • Width: cm 70
    • Minimum height: cm 14
    • Maximum height: cm 105
    • Capacity: 500 kgs

    Motorcycle workbench ideal for hobby or work.

Motorcycle workbench

Motorcycle lift table 100% made in Italy.

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